Covid-19: Tips to survive lockdown and how hypnotherapy can help.

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Our lives have undergone a dramatic and unprecedented transformation in the past few months due to the pandemic. The lockdown stopped our day-to-day activities and only increased fear within us all of contracting this deadly infection, our lives turned upside down revolving around tiers and dismantling our normality.

Uncertainty about the future has increased our stress to a record new level. Working from

home, social distancing and wearing a mask has become the new normal. This new lifestyle has led many of us to binge on comfort food, which, along with lack of physical activity and being plunged into social isolation, is the perfect weight-gain recipe.

Here are some tips on coping during COVID-19 that can tip the scale in your favour.

Exercise tips

  • Create a workout schedule. A 30-minute session, five days a week, is ideal for beginners.

  • Do aerobic exercises at home: brisk walking, using the stairs, jump-rope, squats and online workouts that you enjoy.

  • Try resistance exercises at home: weight training with heavy books or a litre of water or a loaded laundry basket.

Behavioural tips

  • Practise changes to your behaviour to control food cravings by redirecting your mind: go for a walk, meditate or listen to music.

  • Try relaxation techniques to keep your mind calm and focused, such as yoga, meditation, exercise, and apps and online tools on relaxation.

Dietary tips

  • While working from home, have a set, scheduled mealtime, just as you would at your workplace. If possible, do not set up your home office near the kitchen and refrigerator;

  • Prepare your meals and snacks in advance and also batch cook and freeze;

  • Do not fill your fridge with junk food;

  • Consume meals with fresh vegetables and ensure they are rich in protein to keep you fuller for longer;

  • Include fresh fruit in your diet everyday for a healthy dose of natural vitamins and goodness.

Maintain a good sleep routine

  • Follow good sleep hygiene: stick to your routine, avoid binge-watching late at night and don't use electronic gadgets while in bed.

Just adding one or two of the tips above can help you survive lockdown, but maintaining a good diet can be understandably hard. If you do need to lose weight, we can help you do this with our weight management programme, offering you 4 one-to-one hypnotherapy sessions, along with a guide to good nutrition with easy recipes and an exercise guide. Pure Hypnosis can help you lose weight, not through dieting, but through changing your mindset to allow yourself to make healthier choices. Contact us for more info

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