What People Say about our services

"I had been smoking since I was 16 years old. Tried numerous things to give up but failed. This was my last shot so got in touch with Dimple to try hypnotherapy. So I had two sessions and it has helped me stay smoke free its been 20 days and so far so good. I found after the therapy it was easier to cope with the cravings and now its getting easier day by day. Many thanks to Dimple she did an amazing session and guided me through it."

Neil Patel

"I spoke to Dimple on the phone as I have for years been trying to stop smoking. I have smoked for over 24 years and have tried several methods included Patches, cold turkey, Zaiban tablets etc nothing worked! I found I smoked more at work then at home or when out and about.

I made the decision to try and give up so I gave Dimple a call and we had a chat on what I want to achieve and the process. I had tried one session of hypnotherapy with someone else but it was not that great as I think it was the person which was not great. Dimple is friendly makes you feel at ease and explains everything to you on what will happen and what she will do.

So I had two sessions with her and I have not smoked a cigarette for over 120 days! in fact when I now smell tobacco smoke it smells nasty to me and I tend to walk away from it. Not been tempted to buy some or anything. I would highly recommend her if you want to stop smoking and been through similar to myself or call her for any other issues etc.

Professional service and affordable as she has saved me money on the long run!"

Amar Dasani

Helpful, professional and affective. I would recommend anyone who needs help with anxiety, phobia or stress to speak with Dimple. Thanks again.

Christian Smith

"I suffer from anxiety and needed help to overcome my feelings of feeling anxious all the time and read hypnotherapy can help so wanted to give it a go. As a first timer, Dimple really put me at ease and helped me understand what was actually making me feel anxious. It really helped and her tone is so relaxing - a great experience that has helped me overcome my anxiety."

Louise Graff

"I was recommend to Dimple by a friend who felt she could help me stop smoking. Having been a smoker for many years (+20 years), I did not feel I could simply stop just with pure will power alone. I was also reluctant to try using any Nicotine patches or gum. The results have been spectacular! I've been smoke-free now since the 1st November 2020 and can honestly say I've not had any cravings or urges to light up again! The results have been truly remarkable. I genuinely cannot thank Dimple enough. It has changed my life for the better being smoke-free and and I cannot sing Dimple's praises highly enough!"

Peter Franklin

"I have been delighted with the outcome of the three sessions of hypnotherapy I received. I had been struggling for many years with a behavioural habit I could not seem to overcome and it was getting me down, but I now feel confident that I have things under control, thanks to Dimple's skilled help."

Jeremy Smith

"Very positive experience. Its the first time I have embarked on hypnotherapy and Dimple made me feel at ease from the start. Dimple took away my uncertainty and gave me confidence to take that first step which I am glad I did."

Linda Thurman